Querer crer entrever (Expresións críticas de reflexión e lectura)


Martínez Pereiro, Carlos Paulo

Research lines

Literary and culture studies




Editorial Laiovento, Col. ‘Ensaio’

Date of publishment


Number of pages



The Beckett-inspired Querer crer entrever is an aptly evocative title for Carlos Paulo Martínez Pereiro’s new collection of literary essays, including tributes, analysis and discussion; the fruits of a decade of positive critical reading and reflection by the author.

Though conceived as independent texts, the intersection and exchange between the essays is made more apparent by their inclusion in the discursive continuum of the elliptical poem that inspired them. The backdrop of looping words and phrases sets the stage for a personal journey through time by the author and his unique geography of literature, culture and ideas.

With the focused, lingering perspective of the outsider looking in, Martínez Pereiro eschews barren literary commentary in favour of a lively, persuasive approach that gently spurs and entices the reader to further reading and reflection.

The collection focuses almost entirely on works of Galician and Portuguese-language literature (including African, Brazilian and Portuguese authors), to explore questions of tradition and anti-tradition in the different literatures represented, as well as the importance of rhetoricity in medieval Galician-Portuguese poetry.