Marxes e centros. Para unha socioloxía do campo cultural


Alonso Nogueira, Alejandro / Casas, Arturo / Forcadela, Manuel / López, Teresa / Malingret, Laurence / Torres Feijó, Elias

Research lines

Literary and culture studies




Edicións Laiovento

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Marxes e centros is a collection of ten essays by the literary theorist, Antón Figueroa, reflecting different aspects of the author’s thought, and the continuing relevance of his ideas and conclusions today. The collection includes several previously published articles, brought together here in a single volume to make the author’s work available to a wider readership.

The book offers a comprehensive, authoritative selection of Figueroa’s writings and research. The essays revisit familiar themes from the author’s work, though from a broader, new perspective, incorporating new conceptual and methodological approaches, and highlighting the continuous process of reflection and reappraisal that is central to all analysis, understanding and representation of our social and cultural reality. The volume concludes with a discussion between Antón Figueroa and the editors on the subject of self-analysis unrestricted by time or any other limitation